The Conversation – 5th Edition (Part 2)



Excerpt from a Facebook post in connection with the upcoming The Conversation – 5th Edition:


A 5 year old child was sexually molested by a security guard in school. So badly, the child has been infected.

It’s on Elsie’s blog.

She called to ask for any therapist who could help the child and her family.

The security guard has been sacked, and that remains the only consequence for the crime he committed.

I don’t understand these things.

How can the only public justice for raping a minor be termination of employment?

That is why we need to keep having these conversations…

You cannot change society if you don’t even understand your fundamental rights.

Nigerians just love living in the dark- literally and figuratively.

Ask a Nigerian the first thing s/he needs to do when a child is raped…

You’ll hear disgraceful retorts like:

“She needs to be delivered from the spirit the rapist has dropped in her.”

“The families have to come together to resolve the matter.”

And it gets even more bizarre…

“He (rapist) needs to pay bride price so that the minute the girl becomes a woman he has to marry her to secure her dignity…because he stole her virtue.”

I have daughters. How can I hear this shit and not do something about it?

It was Fashola who placed a system to ensure domestic violence, for one, could be addressed with huge consequences for abusers…

YET Nigerians wallow in ignorance. Women shield their abusers, because pretending to be happy is way more satisfying than happiness itself.

Mothers accuse 12 year old daughters of seducing grown-ass step fathers…

Parents allow uncles to live in homes with young girls budding breasts and hips…

Young boys are left in the care of maids who instruct them to suck their nipples as they masturbate…

I cannot understand why Nigerians love being so averse to knowledge.

The case of this little girl raped by a heifer of a security guard, for instance…

The fact that parents and proprietors of schools do not know the proper procedure to getting justice for sexually molested children is making me mad as hell.

Is it Ambode that will fight for your child’s dignity?

Are we waiting for the police? Or the Senate to pass a bill for the umpteenth time on issues like these?

Yet, we will not have these conversations.

Mothers still leave their 12 months old baby girls in the care of houseboys…

Their easiest excuse when disaster strikes is always… “I did not know.”

You do know, dear parent. This information is readily available to you.

Timilehin Oyebode was sexually molested from 8 years old to her late teens…

Now a mother of four children and wife to a good man, she goes from seminar to seminar sharing the ways to know a paedophile and how to break the silence and culture of child rape…

She will be at ‪#‎TheConversation‬ this Sunday.

YET, Nigerians are waiting for a law that will turn all abusers to saints.

You will do well to equip yourself with knowledge.

You could join us on Sunday to learn how to defend and protect children from abusers…

How to get justice for these little ones. And how to use the system to protect the children.

It’s the least we can do.