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Hi there!

I’m a woman, a wife and a mom………wait single people and fathers, don’t tune out. This is for you too; boy is it ever.

Real woman

I’m starting this blog as my way to reach out to everyone and hopefully share, provide information and interact with other people about a passion of mine: CHILDREN. Of course they can’t be discussed without the important unit they belong to – the family –  and the larger community as a whole.

Over the years I’ve come across different situations involving children that have made me laugh, brought me joy, made me angry and filled me (for a moment) with blinding rage. I’ve also learnt that a lot of times children have bad experiences, not stemming from hate by or the indifference of, people around them; rather from a lack of information. I hope this blog can help reduce the negative experiences out there.

But it won’t be all serious; kids are fun and messy and………………well sugar and spice and all things nice. They can also be a pain – yeah, I said it! But we love them anyway. So I’ll share and hopefully we’ll discuss child care, development, food (did I mention I looovvveee food……..especially fine dining), marriage, single parenting, travel and other fun stuff.

I hope you’ll join me to help improve our future……..nothing too heavy: just read, comment and share!