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So what’s the underlying premise for my blog, you may ask (all knowing, raised eyebrow expression)? Well, it’s this:

First off, you are born, live through experiences, grow old (hopefully) and then you die – short version. However, a major influence on how you live is your childhood and a lot of your childhood experiences are not within your control – all of life generally isn’t – but you are most helpless as a child. You don’t decide the family you’re born into (inappropriate parents, downright devilish siblings, crazy relatives ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, the works) and don’t determine the people that will come into your life or how they will treat you. Yes as you get into your teens you’re more in control of your responses but even that is still influenced by what you saw, were taught, your temperament, so many things.

Secondly, it’s waaaayyyy harder to change as an adult than as a child. It’s easier to correct mistakes when you’re young than when you’re set in your ways. So many of us can relate with the idea that our lives could have been so different, positively, if those around us had only known better and made other choices or decisions.

Thirdly, the world has simply gone crazy. There’s a lot of goodness and caring but there’s also a lot of evil, sadness and destruction. Sometimes I don’t even want to watch the news because it can be so depressing and what gets to me the most is harm done to children resulting from decisions taken by us – the adults.

Here’s a quote I find compelling:

Children the future

I believe that if we start actively changing children’s experiences, we can change so much that’s gone awry in the world. Not through some grandiose plan, but in very basic ways that don’t cost much more than determination and time. God gives them to us and ultimately watches over them, especially if we commit them to Him (no offence intended if you’re not religious) but let’s not pass the buck when it comes to the role we play in shaping them.