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I had planned on posting about something different today…………………….until I saw this video:

I was beyond horrified then realised this happens every day to some child around the world. So what happens to your children when you’re not looking? We take it for granted that the people we pay to watch our kids love doing so; how wrong. Most nannies would rather do something else but there is such a demand that they ‘fall’ into the role with no desire whatsoever to care for someone’s snotty-nosed kids. How many times have you been so exasperated with your children that you wanted to throttle them? Children that you may have carried in your womb or adopted, that you love to pieces? How many parents verbally or physically abuse their kids every day?

How could a mother kill her own child because of meat?


Then you hire a nanny who is angry with life (and maybe God) for giving you a life she wants for herself and believes you don’t deserve any more than she does. She may have been hurt as a child, a teen, all her life? Maybe she was beaten and molested by so many people before she was old enough to run? And she comes, broken and in need of transformational love and counselling, to care for your child(ren) and voila! You’re off to work, a party or somewhere else and leave your precious ones in her care. Even where there are two (2) nannies on staff, they will bond and eventually collude to rip out the innocence and love from your children.

You believe your nanny is so nice and caring? As humans we learn the art of the cover up pretty young. How many children who have been hurt, often paste bright smiles on their faces and pretend they’re fine? They escape to their own world to escape the horror of their present life. ………….You take care of your nanny and treat her like family? Doesn’t matter. She knows she’s not and doesn’t really care either way. Very few people who have been hurt are able to overcome their anger, bitterness and rage enough to not hurt other people. Just look at all the broken relationships in the world…….all because we don’t deal with or at least face our baggage before including someone else in our lives.

You think you’d know if your child was being battered? Really? Some nannies have perfected the art of beating your kids without leaving any bruises and some children are so used to being beaten that it never crosses their minds to report, even if they are old enough to do so. Plus when we as parents spank our children as a mode of discipline (it’s not illegal in most parts of the world and some parents take the scripture “spare the rod and spoil the child” a little too much to heart), it can get to the point where your children accept brutality as the norm. I am not against discipline for children but with all the evil that we perpetuate in the world, did your parent’s beating correct most of your negative behaviour patterns? I think not. We wouldn’t so often give in to irresponsible behaviour if values had been instilled in us via the cane. No! Discipline and proper upbringing for children flow from these four (4) key areas:

– Love (God’s way, not some misguided, covetous thing that stems from selfishness)

– Values (that you live and not just preach to your kids hoping it’ll somehow stick and they are blind to the fact that you don’t hold yourself to any high standards of behaviour)

– Understanding there are consequences for every action (the carrot and the stick for good or bad behaviour)

– Being made to pay penance of some sort for small infractions to ward them away from worse ones in future

Daycare is an option, but have you vetted it? Is it professionally run? Do they have adequate and sufficiently trained staff? You prefer the ones run out of people’s homes because it has a ‘homey’ feel?


Yes they must be cared for by someone other than you at some point, but how much vetting do you do to ensure you’ve done more than enough to keep them safe? There are enough things out of your control; why abdicate your responsibility in the areas you can control? Why oh why, did you have kids?

I leave you with this thought:

“What happens to your children behind your back???”