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Today’s post is pretty brief but alas sad:

I picked this from Kate Henshaw’s Instagram site (http://instagram.com/p/wVqs6ug6iG/?modal=true):

Two boys, ages 1 and 3, were kidnapped a few days ago by their nanny from their home in Isheri Magodo, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Kidnapped boys - Dec 2014 in Isheri Magodo

The story surrounding their disappearance goes thus:

…..(Rafael and Michael) have been missing since yesterday. They reside in Isheri Magodo Estate.
Their parents left them at home briefly with the house help, grandmum and nurse.
The maid ran away with the children when the grandmum and nurse went to bed and when the parents returned home the children and maid were gone. All efforts to reach her (the maid) by mobile have proved abortive.
Please call (Darlington) on 08037071370 if you have any information.

Knowing Nigeria, the children will be used for one of four (4) reasons:

– Hostages for ransom. Hopefully this is the case and the demands will be made, agreed upon and the children returned. I pray God secures their release.

– For a couple who paid for their kidnap. For any parents out there who are desperate enough to kidnap just to have children, I hope you get caught and rot in jail for the rest of your natural lives. Ever heard of adoption? There are millions of children looking for loving homes to live in but no, why not devastate a family’s and children’s lives for your selfish interests ’cause life ends when you have no kids.

– For human traffickers where the children are sold into child slavery, child sex rings or for some wealthy pedophile who has his own family (complete with children) and pretends to be an upstanding citizen; What I pray for such people can’t be printed.

– For ritual killers who use humans of all ages, sizes and genders, to sacrifice to some ‘voodoo god’ in order to get rich.

I pray the boys are returned safe and sound.

The second reason for my post today is the clip in the following link:

Lord help us as we delegate the care of our children to nannies. A lot of as parents are unbalanced enough as it is, without adding another layer of abuse. Do all you can to keep your children with you, as often as you can. You might need to make some tough, sacrificial decisions but why else did you have them if not to sacrifice for their well-being till adulthood?

Have to go lie down now……………..this is emotionally exhausting!