I saw this news item today and it broke my heart:


In the US the law permits adults to own weapons and I’ve got my own opinions on that, particularly in light of the constant tragic shootings of children and adults all over the country but that’s a topic for another day and a debate that shouldn’t even be a debate but rather a common-sense decision to barr a vast majority of Americans from owning or carrying weapons. So, in the US one can own a gun……what I can’t understand is why people leave them lying around for anyone who stays in the house to access, let alone a home where children live. What makes this story worse for me is, the police are most likely not going to charge the adults that were in the home, the baby’s death will just be chalked up to a mistake and the irresponsible parents and adults that are involved get off scot-free and still get the chance to keep procreating and putting the surviving sibling and any future siblings in harm’s way.

Let’s not forget the trauma that will follow the son who shot his baby sibling in the head and the likelihood that since the parents couldn’t be bothered to provide the basic need for safety, they definitely won’t provide the more difficult need for emotional, mental and psychological support and help. Lord knows what kind of baggage that boy will carry into adulthood and pass to his spouse, children and other relationships. As if this world needs more ‘damaged’ people because we’re not quite done messing things up as they are. Sigh!

I pray he gets help somehow.

Children the future