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So sorry I’ve been silent the past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy……….redecorating.

If you’re like me, you loovvveee shopping (window and real versions) and I get a fresh burst of adrenaline just thinking through colour palettes, lay outs, wallpaper, fabric, textures, etc. I’m nearly done but not quite there yet. Here is my new entrance transformed:

Porch 1

Porch 2

Porch 3

What do you think?

I’ll be able to share more pictures of the inside when done and I plan to be back on topic next week. I got some great tips from a friend and some sites about enhancing children’s education / learning at school. We all need to carve out time to spend with our children on academics and I don’t mean with a lesson teacher.

Research highlight the fact that some of the greatest prodigies were guided closely by their parents (particularly fathers). Children assimilate better where a loving parent goes over their work with them on a regular basis, over and above what they’re taught in school. More on this next week.

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope the move in election dates hasn’t put you in an unprepared spot.


Have a great, loving weekend!!