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If you’re like me, come Saturday or a public holiday, you’re often stumped on how to occupy your kids. Being plopped in front of the TV serves as a distraction for only a few hours, after which they’re chomping at the bit to run around and all your yells to “sit down” fall on deaf ears no matter how many threats one makes. Let’s face it – children are supposed to run around and not be cooped up indoors…..I spent my childhood days running around like a maniac and our street felt safe. Now most Lagos residents barely have enough space to park a couple of cars, let alone install swings, slides or a merry-go-round. I had all these things growing up and an expanse of every fruit tree regularly grown in Nigeria – coconuts, mangos, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, guavas and some weird crossbreeds that my parents thought would make for interesting consumption.

Which brings me to the point of my post. You may have noticed the picture at the top with the name: “KLUB DE LAG”. It’s a new place I discovered over the last weekend, after seeing glimpses of banners advertising the place. The banners promised ice skating, bowling, mini golf and a host of other delights so my hubby and I went to check it out. The website is http://klubdelag.com/ and the children’s utopia is located on Babafemi Osoba Street, Off Admiralty Road, Off Admiralty Way. We took a guided tour and in addition to the synthetic ice-skating rink, the mini bowling section (they have small bowling bowls so little and adult hands can have fun together), the back-lit, pirate themed mini golf section, the toddlers play area, the swimming pool, a pool table for daddys (and any mummys who spent their college days learning how to sink some balls), an adult Lounge complete with Piano and rock wall climbing, children and parents can have fun bonding. There are no nannies allowed so parents don’t get tempted to dump their kids with their nannies and zoom off for a few hours (nice idea I think and probably also so a parent is always on hand to control their children).

I plan on taking the kids there soon and recommend that if you live in or visit Lagos often, you should too.


The mini golf section at Klub De Lag