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I couldn’t believe it when I read this story……….I mean I could, but at the same time I couldn’t. Then my heart just wailed at the injustice and I wished I could slap one person and adopt another as my own; but how many children can I possibly adopt when I’m barely keeping my head above water with the ones I have?

Not to get ahead of myself, the story is about a step-mum in Ogun State who stripped naked and tied up (nay, trussed up) her step-daughter for soiling herself. For soiling herself!!!!! What else do toddlers do? They aren’t much past the eat, sleep and poop phase…..they just add run around and jabber or talk to that triage.


copied from TWmagazine.net

This is the poor baby. I really don’t understand how people do this. I don’t know what the father had to say since it’s not been reported, but for his wife to go this far and leave her where neighbours found her, he probably doesn’t care. The full story can be read at TW Magazine (click to be directed to story page).

What can we do about child abuse in this country? I’d like to say the world, but more realistically I can try to do more in my home country of Nigeria.

Does anyone know any organisations that cases like this can be reported to and where the adults will be punished and the children taken care of? I despair of what responses I’ll get but if you know of any, kindly comment and share your information with me.

Many thanks and have as pleasant a day as you can after reading this.