Reports are coming in that Chocolat Royale (headquartered on Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos) has been shut down, after a journalist tipped off NAFDAC to the existence of expired products in their storage and kitchen. Expired products dating back to 2004 with the most recent being having expired in 2013, were found in their cold room, stores and kitchens. Some even had maggots in them.

They good of course get away with importing expired products to increase margins for so long, because Nigeria is not one that’s known for proper regulating and checks.

This reminds me of the numerous instances where Chivita products have been found purified or containing unknown liquids and till date, the company has not been shut down. These aren’t rumours because my nephew was a victim of a Chivita Caprisun drink defect.

Nigerians, we need to protect ourselves and our children. Boycott Chocolat Royale (all outlets) for good, even if they are reopened. Same goes for Chivita. Companies that don’t care about customers, will not start caring because someone monitors them. It should be a proactive and not reactive choice.