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I saw a post on Facebook today that evoked a strong reaction in me as it leads to a question I still ponder on from time to time:


First, let me share the post as it’s urgent that the parents of these children / owner of the vehicle knows as soon as possible (the person who posted it was so conscientious to have gone to the trouble):

Dear All,

Kindly help rebroadcast this message till it get to the Owner of this vehicle.


Courtesy: ADEKUNLE I. AKINPELU via Facebook

The Driver taking your kids to school, yesterday, Monday, 19th of October, 2015, was the most reckless person that I have ever seen on wheels, in recent times.

It is better to put him on check now before the imminent danger happens. The car was almost hit behind where the kids were sitting as a result of his bad driving, around the Otedola Estate and underneath the Bridge .It was as if he was on drugs. Please, get rid of him now before you blame yourself.

I have cleared my conscience as regards this, may God keep you and your family from danger.

Best regards.

And to think yesterday as I was picking my daughter up from school, I encountered a driver who parked recklessly, blocked the school entrance gate plus 2 parking spaces, then proceeded to walk into the school premises despite repeated calls from the guards, some workmen that came to the premises and myself. He ignored all of us, practically dragged the kid out to the car, stuck her in the back seat unstrapped, then drove off.

I won’t go in to the number of cases of child endangerment due to unstrapped kids or reckless drivers; that’s usually the less of 2 evils. The more common occurrence is child molestation and most kids will not speak up so it goes on for ages. Besides, even if your child will speak up, isn’t it usually after the damage has been done? I don’t mean to judge but for the welfare of our children, can’t we just try to restructure our days so we can pick up our children ourselves? A step up is having a nanny accompany the driver but that’s a small step up. Most drivers would easily bully or bamboozle most nannies and some even collude with the drivers to harm your child and a quiet, responsible-looking driver is no indication that he is not a pedophile. The quiet, even-tempered ones can be more dangerous….


Let’s try and keep our kids out of the clutches of the sickos and malcontent people out there.

Have a safe week ahead and hug your lil’uns so tight. Let them know how precious they are.