There’s a conference coming up in Lagos (Nigeria) this Sunday that I think every parent and guardian should attend.

I am constantly baffled by parents who seem to be clueless about dangers out there for their children or those who just say “it’s God that watches us and will prevent bad things from happening to my children”.

I’m not saying God doesn’t, but I assure you, He expects us to play a very major, daily, vigilant part. He doesn’t expect to have to come tell you some common sense things about the care of your kids or how to watch over them when it’s clearly within your means to do so. We need to hand all that concerns us to God and be good stewards of our children in our care by making the necessary sacrifices and taking the necessary steps; that includes gaining constant knowledge and information since the wiles of evil constantly morph and adapt to all the precautions we take.

Please, please, attend or join the conversation. We can never know everything or think of everything. We learn every day from various sources, even the most unlikely. I’m not the host or part of this group but applaud what they are doing and intend to lend a supportive hand where I can.

In other news, a picture was recently released of a nanny who chopped of the arms of the baby in her care. It’s not quite clear why, but of course that doesn’t matter in the slightest. There are good people, but there are also deranged people out there. Won’t bother spoiling your week by sharing the picture but she was caught with the little arms in her hand and the baby on the floor, dead and dismembered. God help us all.

Have an awesome week.