About Me

Over the years I’ve come to be gladdened and saddened by the ways I’ve seen children raised. I don’t seek to prescribe but have come to realise that a lot of us are simply unaware of how our children can be affected by our decisions. This isn’t child psychology; this is about a parent reaching out to other parents and would be parents so we can all be aware of and share ways to ensure our children are well taken of and protected as much as we humanly can.

I have children and know that raising them is an unexpected but rewarding challenge. Let’s share and make everyone more knowledgeable. The more we know, the better we can be. By the way, I’m African (living in Nigeria to be exact) so my posts may have a slant that reflects the society I have been raised and live in. It however doesn’t change the general issues, just the context.



3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Great to meet you. You blog is really interesting and a pleasure to read!


  2. This is refreshingly new


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